A Perfect Match Made in the Kitchen!

I made these when I fell for the loveliness of them and they are still one of my best. They are super easy and yet highly impressive. I love piping these, they really make me go in to my own world. I made these once for an occasion someone had to go to and I was utterly flattered by the comments after.  They are one of those “melting moments”, its just pure love!

Delicate goodness.

Never be stingy with sweetness!

I have a thing with never having only a little bit of something when you know everybody will only wish there was more of that something there! I made sure I heaped the jam and filling in there. It’s about that great feeling of satisfaction.

Whirls of something preciously sweet!

I loved how delicate these were, easy to break, that’s how you know it will surely melt in your mouth! Plus sprinkle some icing sugar on top, its a great added factor!


3 thoughts on “A Perfect Match Made in the Kitchen!

  1. Tried and tested and they taste absolutely delicious! They taste as mouth watering as they look! Melt in your mouth pieces of joy!


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