Sugar me down, roll me up and serve me hot like the best “Schnecken” you’ve ever had!

Also known as sticky buns!! They are delicious, somewhere between the cinnamon swirls and something a bit stickier yet subtly sweet. Sticky buns are of German origin, hence “Schnecken“, which is the German name for them. However, though the Germans have earned credit for creating these modern day classics, it was the Egyptians who first started glazing pastries with honey and shaking things up with some chopped nuts.

Sticky buns are made up by rolling out a rectangular dough and then brushing on melted butter and sprinkling muscovado sugar and cinnamon, then of course rolling it up and slicing them up. It’s a tad different from the famous cinnamon swirls because the pan is smothered with a mixture of butter, maple syrup and walnuts to give it that distinct mapley sweetness.

This is all after we get handsy with the dough of course!


Once you’ve released all that pent up frustration… the rolling out and sprinkling begins! I think, don’t slice it too thin, you want that thick mouth filling sensation, not little nibbles, but something more satisfying.



And finally after the beating, the slicing and the baking you get these tasty, sticky, sweet and nutty buns!


I love tearing them apart, and seeing them for what they truly are, gloriously sticky!


The trick is to turn them out (inverted) with the baking paper so its covered with that nutty gooeyness. Simply delicious! One is never enough, I could easily have a few for a breakfast with a cup of tea or as my something sweet after dinner.


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