Ehh lets not be so vanilla!

Vanilla custard? Yeah yeah we’ve tried, tasted, and owned it about a gazillion and 5 times! So why do we still insist on its sheer old classic vanillaness as a side to most of our sweet things?!

Well, vanilla custard has been one of the European ultimate inventions and it was the famous custard tarts which bought us this weird word, custard. That, and that it was an all-time favourite in the Middle Ages, therefore I guess it sort of carried on. To give it some credit, the vanillaness of the dessert is sort of thrown by adding a dash of starch which then reinvents itself into another classic, best known to us as crème patisserie (or pastry cream), but let’s face it, we know that the former sounds tonnes fancier.

Following the main theme however, isn’t it weird that by adding custard to something, anything, makes it perfect. It makes it, how would you put it..? Less vanilla? Oh yeah, that’s it. It’s definitely less vanilla. Therefore I’ve made this not-so-vanilla vanilla custard, to go with this more sticky, moist, and just more-interesting-than-custard cake!

I picked these figs, every single purply one of them from a little fruit and veg shop I discovered near the city, it was stocked with only the best most exotic fruit, and I guess you could say the prices matched that. These figs were insanely delicious and oh my were they nice and ripe for the baking! (How to know when they are ripe? They will be firm and hold their shape when you slice into them).


The figs were then paired up with caramel. Ahh caramel, this is one of my favourite things ever!!! Caramel. Just one word brings oh soo much joy….. But back to the present, I made this delicious caramel to drown the cake in and give it that lovely moist and sticky factor; one of my favourite factors!


Such a lovely transformation. You chuck everything in and there you have it. Caramel…

firrrst first firsttt

Then you pour the caramel into the baking tin and layer the figs on top. (A bite of advice… put a baking tray underneath to capture the escaped few drops of caramel, because they will escape and it will be messy).

fig fiig

On top of that you coat the figs and caramel with the cake mixture and bake!

h hh

With this cake, you turn it out inverted again, so somehow you have to manage to flip it over, I topped the cake (after releasing) with a plate and did just that, flipped. And just so you know it didn’t turn to shambles.

d dd

Oh yeah and don’t forget the not-so-vanilla vanilla custard!! It was sooo divine! The custard hit the spot just right with the warm cake and the saccharine sweetness from the caramel all topped off with the fig. Yes it was a not-so-vanilla dessert with not-so-vanilla vanilla custard. Branch out now and again I say!!


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