Bamerican Mini banoffee pies

Caramel. Yes I said it. Caramel! Did you also feel that shiver run through your body? It’s the best thing yet! I love its sweetness, its stickiness. It’s one of those hedonistic pleasures, like toffee… you just want some more! In fact I wanted a shot of caramel soo much I made a late night stop to my little local store (walking might I add) to bring home some cream (not for the caramel but for the whipping cream – if it wasn’t for my local store being open 24 hours, I would have eaten the caramel straight from the heat of the pan. To be honest I’d go even further than a 10 minute walk if needed and if all the stores had no cream… Then yes I would eat it straight from the pan anyway.

Anyway these little pies are a really lovely combination aren’t they? Like apple and custard. Perhaps both simply have the fruit around to put a healthy note on its unhealthiness?  Maybe not, but still, it’s not exactly recommended by your personal trainer is it? Banoffee is something us Brits take the credit for, and if you’re after the original banoffee pie recipe first ‘evolved’ (as he would say) the man who bought us this pleasure to our lives then turn to Ian Dowding! He created this dessert in 1972 (calling it ‘banoffi’). I guess, though it is a British invention he was inspired by an American recipe… So would this be Bamerican?

The ones I’ve made here are super caramelly, just the way I love them with a hefty dollop of whipped cream!! The trick is to make sure you do not over-whip the cream, this makes it easier to mold, plus it’s creamier in consistency this way! Then drizzle the pies in dark chocolate to get that bittersweet twist into the mix!

Recipe + Method

For the biscuit base:

250g Crunched and squished digestive biscuits (or any other sweet biscuits you fancy)

130g unsalted butter (melted)

For the caramel:

200g caster sugar (it’s a lot I know, but sugar is also part water, therefore its the moist factor, think twice before reducing it in your cakes!)

100g unsalted butter

120ml double cream

The rest of the concoction:

300ml double cream (for whipping)

2/3 ripe bananas

100g dark chocolate to decorate + flavour

First you want to smother together the crushed biscuits with the melted butter and preferably leave to set in the fridge for about 30 minutes.

Then make the caramel, this is where the tricky part comes in and I have an odd feeling that many will end up with shop bought caramel sauce, but its just more special hand made, folks! I know it seems like a lot to do but it’s not so bad if you get the temperature and consistency right. First you want to put just the sugar in a heavy bottom pan to let melt until it turns rather dark brown in colour. Then remove the pan from the heat and add your butter and then the double cream whilst whisking away, eventually (very soon) you will have made a very wonderful caramel sauce! (TIP: if you dare to try salted caramel, then just add a teaspoon of sea salt once its cooked)

Once the caramel has cooled completely, pour it onto the tart bases, and layer on some sliced bananas. Then top with whipped cream (not over whipped, until it reaches soft peaks) and drizzle with melted chocolate!

It’s really as good as it looks!


21 thoughts on “Bamerican Mini banoffee pies

    1. Hey, thank you so much! I actually don’t think it’ll be odd at all if its to your taste and of course to not overpower it with too much salt; just crumb and butter your base (digestive biscuits) and make a nice thick caramel, sprinkle on salt and place on your bananas, then pipe your cream and drizzle your chocolate. It’s amazingly easy! Good luck 🙂

      Also if you still have doubts you could just minus the bananas, maybe replace it for some chocolate cake or something!! But I myself think I’ll give the salted caramel a go with the bananas!


  1. Reblogged this on Cook Crazy and commented:
    Look how pretty! I just LOVE how a bakers creations have such “curb appeal?” Shall we say 🤗 It is my opinion they have one up on those of us cooks who can’t bake and rely heavily on “please let this dish come out looking as good as I know it tastes”. Candies and whipped cream, swirls and drizzles of this that and the other sweet..ah picture heaven


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