Quand la vie vous donne des citrons…

If you’d rather slice, chop or juice your lemons in to something else, then by all means, do, but you will miss out on this. And let me tell you, it. Is. Sublime! The thing with the famous tarte au citron is that the flavours will differ in the filling wherever you buy it or make it. It will either be very sweet, sour or just right. This is one of those tarts that hits all the right spots, believe me it was like a fruity disco in my mouth. My taste buds really had a spring in their step after this.


The effort comes in when making the pastry, it is fair to say I struggled, but hey sometimes it’s just a bad day. Anyway, the taste was in no way compromised by my rolling complications, it was, if anything, maximised. The dough for the pastry actually has a small hint of icing sugar in the mix, so it was subtly sweet and I picked at it after it was cooked like a darn pigeon! But it was soooo good! I’m considering just making the pastry actually… Maybe dipped in some whipped cream? Maybe some raspberries as well? “ahem”, wipes drool*.

I made the pastry and then the filling to go inside, it was easy! It didn’t even take long and regardless that my first attempt wasn’t a showcase masterpiece, it was decadent and absolutely refreshing to the palate.

It’s a piece of summer, and just like in London it goes away just as quickly..


20 thoughts on “Quand la vie vous donne des citrons…

  1. This tarte looks so yummy! I always had troubles making tarte au citron because the inner part came out too liquid…probably wrong recipe! I defintely want to try this one and see if I can get to bake it!


    1. Thanks so much! That’s such a shame! We always have those days, like my pastry! I used Mary Berry’s recipe for this, and it tasted great! If you can’t find it let me know and I’ll post it for you. Good luck!


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